Breast Lift

Many women seeking a breast lift wish to restore their once-firm bust line. Many factors can cause a woman’s breasts to sag. Many of the breast lift patients we treat have been through pregnancy and nursing, serious weight fluctuations, or simply the natural process of aging, all of which cause breasts to lose elasticity and firmness. A breast lift can reverse this effect, restoring a fuller, firmer bust line as well as a woman’s confidence in her they have had surgery.

If you are interested in a breast lift, London Plastic Surgery Centre would be happy to discuss your particular circumstances with you.


Large pendulous breasts are not just a cosmetic burden, but often are uncomfortable, and the root of chronic back pain


The breasts are marked in a specific manner and excess breast tissue is removed


The incisions typically are around the areolas, down vertically, and in the breast crease. This can vary, depending upon technique


The final result should be shapely and still in harmony with the overall body type